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What Happened to CashFly? (A CashFly Review)

Short and simple... they sold out.

A very recent time ago, CashFly was my favorite URL shortening service... but then they implemented surveys into their advertisements instead of normal ads. What does this mean?

Instead of waiting 5 seconds to continue past the interstitial ad, the person has to complete an extremely scammy and spammy survey in order to make it past the ad.

So basically, people will HATE you for posting CashFly links and will learn to completely distrust your content. Additionally, the traffic you DO manage to scrape up will NOT finish the surveys... who would?

So in the end, CashFly decided to go for something with a higher reward per action but which gets absolutely no traffic and completely throws the users of CashFly under the bus.

The bottom line is that I no longer recommend CashFly.

In other news, has recently increased their CPM to WAY higher than ever! Now its at $8.60 for 1000 US views which is way higher than they or any other program has ever been.

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Get Paid to Make Memes

Coolest man in the world - I make some serious bank when making memesIf you are young and hip like I am, you know all about memes as an internet term and how wildly popular they are. If you've never heard of memes, then you are probably old enough to need an extra hip.

Joking aside, they are a huge trend among many internet groups, and are therefore a great source of traffic. Before you can make money from them however, you must first know what they are.

What is a Meme?

In essence they are images that, while only slightly funny by themselves, are meant to be hilarious or witty when overlaid by text. Most meme people use the same set of images and overlay them with different text when they think of something clever. They then post these images to popular sharing sites such as Reddit or their favorite forums.

Most people when looking at memes expect to see a certain font of text, usually white and outlined in black, overlaid only on the top and bottom of the image.

Lion King - Everywhere the light touches is a good place to post your memeHow to Make a Meme:

Since the requirements for what constitutes a meme are so simple, it makes sense that it should be incredibly simple to generate a meme as well. My favorite meme generation site is MemeMaker.

This means you don’t need to whip out Photoshop in order to create a decent image, you need only an easy and self-explanatory website to do the work for you.

Once you’ve gone to MemeMaker, simply select a template meme or upload your own. Then, use the editor to add text to your meme. Decide based on good judgment where you want the text to be (top, bottom, both, or something else).

Patrick: Let's Take a Poorly Done Meme and Publish ItHow to Make a GOOD Meme:

While making a meme is incredibly easy to do, making a good meme is slightly more difficult. Most people will jump into making a meme without having any prior thought or intuition into how the reader will interpret it.

Even worse, some people will make a meme without knowing the proper jargon or history behind that specific image in question. For instance, in the base SpongeBob image to the right, Patrick is making a suggestion on how to prevent Bikini Bottom from getting eaten by a giant worm. He suggests that the town should simply take the town and push it somewhere else.

So when making a meme using the base image from the scene described, you generally want to make a simple and stupid suggestion that has a satirical effect that hopefully makes the audience want to do the opposite of what you suggested.

In order to make an effective meme, you must study how the meme is supposed to be used and especially understand the history behind the image in question. Only then can you properly make a meme.

Now to make that same meme funny, you must be creative, use a little word-play, and maybe piggy-back off of a joke you heard previously or an ironic instance from popular media at the time of publishing. Sarcasm is also an effective form of comedy but won’t work for all memes.

How to Make Money From Your Great Meme!

Now we’re getting to the good part.
Angry Obama - Get to the Good Part

If you already knew about memes and are a common browser of Reddit and similar sites, then you obviously had a prior knowledge of most of the information in the first part of this tutorial. But now we can get to the useful part, for those experienced in memes and those who just now learned of them.

Here is the step-by-step guide to monetizing those memes:
  1. In this method, we are using link shortening as the monetization strategy. so the first step in this tutorial is to get an account with CashFly. CashFly is my favorite link shortening service for a multitude of reasons, but that is a different post for a different time.
  2. Make a meme using the strategies listed above, but don’t finalize it until after step 4. Be sure to make the meme funny or instructional depending on where you plan on publishing it.
  3. Find a place you want the meme viewers to go. Whether it is your website, twitter account, fan page, another of your memes, or any other URL, it should be somewhere that won’t make the meme viewers rage too hard and refuse to share said meme. I highly recommend using the traffic from that meme and direct it to another meme which uses the exact same monetization method described here. That way, the visitor can have a bit of a journey through all of your hilarious memes which generates a delicious chunk of cash for you. Another option is to direct them to this blog post if you really liked it… that would help me out a bunch!
  4. Shorten that URL with CashFly and put it in your meme on MemeMaker. Position it in one of the corners using size 12 font. Optionally, you can add some clever text to make someone want to visit that link more, but that may also distract from the original text of the meme thereby making it less shareable.
  5. Finalize the meme and publish it. Post it in a ton of different places, which I will discuss in the next section.
How to Get Traffic to Your Meme and Make it Go Viral

I will now list tons of places to publish your meme and how to maximize exposure on each of those places. Your goal is to make your meme go viral and get significant amounts of traffic. If you don’t succeed with one meme, move on to the next. Odds are, your first one may be a flop but you will undoubtedly improve and eventually be able to pump out good ones by the dozen.

Note: If you have any successful traffic sources for your memes, please share with us via the comments and I’ll add them to this page if they rock!


People absolutely love memes on Reddit. Memes tend to frequent the front page of Reddit which is both a significant accomplishment and is incredibly profitable (for us). In fact, Reddit is used by over 2.5 million people each month. So by getting a meme on the front page of Reddit, you could potentially reach millions of people who can then view and share that image.

Now the best way to get that image onto Reddit, since they don’t have direct uploading to their site, is to put it on Imgur. It is a simple fact that people on Reddit trust Imgur, which is why everyone there uses it. After you upload to Imgur, go ahead and copy the image link and paste it into a new submission on Reddit. Find a good subreddit to post in, such as /r/memes and think of a short and clever title to post with.

If you are using the journey method as mentioned in step 3 above, be sure to mention it in the title of the Reddit.


Even though many people on Facebook are not crazy meme people, I’ve seen memes go viral and shared by hundreds of thousands of people. As you probably know, Facebook is an excellent social networking platform and practically invented the concept of virility as we know it today.

What you need to do to get your meme to go viral on Facebook is make sure it is something extremely relatable to the average person. It is a completely different audience from Reddit, so be aware of the type of thing people are likely to click “like” on or more importantly “share.”

If you wouldn’t share it on your own wall, then the meme isn’t good enough to go viral. It needs to be something which you can’t wait to see how your friends react and only then does it have the potential to really gain some traffic. Still, you should distribute the meme across fan pages, maybe even try messaging a popular fan-page’s owner to ask if they will share the meme for you. Just don’t mention the fact that you’re doing it for money and they may help you out if they think their fans will like it.

Additionally, don’t forget to prompt people to share the image by posting the image along with statuses reminding them to like and share it.


Pinterest is relatively new compared to Facebook, but is dedicated to images and does have a significant meme follower base. I’ll admit that I’m not an expert at Pinterest and only spent about a total of 1 hour on it, but I do know that memes are widely used there and it is therefore a great traffic source.

Upload it to Every Image Site You can Find:

Google image is an amazing place to find and enjoy memes. People who want to explore a specific meme are likely to just browse Google images for that meme. This is an extremely powerful traffic opportunity.
That being said, it is very hard to make the first few pages of a Google search for a popular meme, so that is why you must upload that image to as many image sites as possible.

If the image site in question allows a title and description, be sure to give them a description that you think a meme-searcher would look for so that Google knows where to put your meme in their search engine.
So where should you upload them? Do a Google search of “free image upload” and post your memes on every single site you come across. This may be tedious, but it will definitely pay off in the long run if you successfully upload to as many as possible.

Tip: Many of those sites support multiple photo uploading. I recommend creating and collecting a bunch of memes before going down the list and uploading all of them to each site.

Forum Signature:

If you are an avid member of any forum, you might be one of those guys who have like 1,000 good posts spread across that site. In fact, its possible that all of your posts combined are bringing in tens of thousands of views each month to those forums. Well guess what? Memes fit great inside forum signatures, especially if they are very clever and have a generally horizontal layout.

Those thousands of views may be your ticket to a quick residual dollar, one that you don’t have to do anything to keep bringing in after the initial setting up of your forum signature.

If you aren’t one of those guys who has 1,000 forum posts, go find yourself a great forum and really get engaged and be helpful to everyone there. Eventually you will get to a point where you too have a huge influence in that forum and are bringing in tons of money yourself!

A Note on My Decision NOT to Use Traditional Advertisements on This Blog

How He Make Money Without Ad Revenue?Most people will look at this blog and think, "Huh? Where are the ad banners and popups and things like
that?" Well guess what? I don't want them. I want a system where my success isn't based off of the number of random views I get but based off of the quality of my content combined with the quality of my traffic.

If you notice in the right hand side of the page, there are not Adsense ads or any sort of CPM thingies hanging around.

The only advertising I have there isn't paid advertising, but referral links to the Link Shortening Services I most recommend.

The idea is that I only earn money if you earn money! So that is why I post all of these epic tutorials and traffic-getting methods... so you can earn money for yourself!

How I'm Teaching Myself HTML

Knowing HTML isn't necessary to being a great blogger or earning a living online. But it is a very useful tool to have in your arsenal in order to save both time and money, and give you a sense of accomplishment of a job well done.

That being said, many people have no idea where to start learning HTML Some people will give up and just never learn it, and some will go take college classes or something in order to figure it out.

However, there are a couple ways I've figured out that are giving me pretty fantastic results.

1. Use Free Resources
There are multiple free HTML dictionaries out there which can teach you what all of the different words involved in coding a webpage mean. Use these, memorize the terms, and put them into practice on your blog or in a blank HTML file.

2. Steal Ideas From Similar Pages
Recently I was wondering how I can disable a default element within my Blogger blog, and replace it with another one. To do so I went over to, which is another Blogger blog, right clicked on the bottom of one of their blog posts and clicked "Inspect Element." Then I browsed their HTML code and figured out exactly how they removed that certain Google element and learned how to implement a similar (not the same by any means) element that I liked from their page.

3. Just Go For It
Try this: Next time you want a certain functionality on your web page don't copy and paste some random free widget from the internet. Try to do it yourself instead.

Do you have any methods to learning HTML? Leave me a comment below!

My Extremely Optimistic and Incredibly Unlikely Plan to Get A Billion Dollars

Warning: However interesting and well written this post may be, it most likely contains absolutely terrible financial advice and should be discarded as any sort of expert opinion. Additionally, the math involved is possibly incorrect as well as all the other information. The only useful thing in this post might be the part about the banana, but if you can't find that then you really didn't learn anything useful. Of course, this warning might also be full of poop and therefore should be disregarded... unless the sentence I just said is also incorrect...

Now to the introduction of the post (IF you don't care about the method and just want to see where I'm getting a value of $1 Billion from, skip to the section entitled "Math."):

I may have mentioned the term "Bitcoin" in the past especially in reference to a certain URL shortener, CoinURL. Well, Bitcoin is the topic of today's method, and also happens to be somewhat related to the general subject matter of this website because of step 1 of the method about to be described.

While reading the following method, you should keep in mind that Bitcoins are a currency based on a very intense code validated and strengthened by every person who uses it. Many people don't trust it because it isn't given authority from any major government, but keep in mind that a currency only needs the authority of the people who use it to be actually worth anything.

Also keep in mind that the value of Bitcoins is very volatile, sometimes varying 10% or more daily. The long term value of the currency is unknown by financial experts, but I expect it to go up as more people become interested in it. That being said, it may not be a sound investment if you are looking for a SERIOUS and low-risk investment.

The Method:

Step 1: Get Bitcoins

You might not be as lucky as I am in that I joined the Bitcoin game when it was worth $6 instead of about $100. I got $32 worth of bitcoins (today) or less than $2 worth back then just by using various Bitcoin faucets and freebies that were trying to bring interest to the currency at that time.

That being said, here are three ways to get Bitcoins now:

  1. Buy them.
  2. Earn them by using CoinURL as your URL Shortener and following the methods to getting traffic to your shortened links found all over this blog.
  3. Get a very small amount of them for free by visiting Bitcoin fountains and the like.

Remember: The more bitcoins you start off with the merrier but I wouldn't empty out your bank account by any means to do this method.

Step 2: Join Mt.Gox

Mt.Gox is the most trusted and widely used bitcoin exchanging service. You can use whatever service you want, but using Mt.Gox is probably the safest method you can possibly find. After you join, give them your information and get started with verifying your account.

Additionally, deposit bitcoins into your account: THIS IS YOUR CAPITAL. Keep that in mind as we move to the next step.

Step 3: Monitor the Market and Identify a Selling Value

You need to look at the market and identify a value close to the daily high value. Mt.Gox provides graphs and such that make this step much easier.

The value you identify needs to be high enough to get you your target return on your investment, but low enough to sell reasonably soon.

Step 4: Sell

Set up a Bitcoin selling trade at that target value you found in the previous step. Then go throughout your day like normal until whatever notification system you set up notifies you that your trade went through.

Step 5: Buy

Set up a buying trade at a low value which is low enough to span your target return on your investment but large enough to actually trade soon.

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat steps 3-6 until satisfied or you've somehow managed to lose all of your capital.


Though all of the above text, you have most likely been wondering why I think this method could end in $1 Billion. Well here; have some math.

Remember earlier when I told you that bitcoins are extremely volatile and can vary 10% or more in value per day? Well, let's pretend that you attempt a modest 5% return each day.

Using the rule of 70, it would take 14 days to double your initial investment, or capital.

Now in the title of this post, you saw the term "1 year." In 1 year, there are a little over twenty six 14 day periods. So your money would double 26 times in 1 year if you got only a modest 5% return each day.

Note that 2^26 is 67,108,864. To find my final value, I simply have to multiple my capital times 67,108,864.

That's $32 x 67,108,864 = $2,147,483,648.

If you liked this Billion Dollar Method (even though its far fetched), subscribe to my blog and please share this article with your friends! Also, comment with all of your objections and such to the method and don't worry about being too harsh :)

Reddit + Watermarking Images = Free Traffic

If I could summarize Reddit in one sentence, it would be "A website where a bunch of people post and look at random images mostly from Imgur and use the same jokes as comments on them in the hopes that someone will upvote said link or comment" in other words, an easy source of traffic if done correctly!

Now, there are a couple of important things I've observed about Reddit that helped me create this guide. First of all if they think you are simply using them as a traffic source, you will be down-voted instantly. Also they absolutely LOVE funny images hosted by imgur.

With that in mind, let's start this traffic guide:
  1. Get an image; preferably a funny, awkward, or amazing one.
  2. Find a link that goes well with that image. Maybe a link to another image or video or your website homepage.
  3. Shorten that link with your favorite link shortening service.
  4. Using any image editing software like paint, gimp or Photoshop, put that link onto the image in the form of either solid text or a watermark.
  5. Add some enticing text near that link to get people to enter it into their browser. Not too much to make it distract from the image, but enough so that people notice it before they leave the page.
  6. Upload that image to Imgur.
  7. Post a link to that image on Reddit with a creative title.
  8. Repeat steps 1-8. Your first image might not be up-voted and seen much, but if you are persistent and have good idea you should eventually get a great amount of traffic to your shortened links.
Note: This method works with all link shortening services including CashFly,, coinurl and any other one you can think of.

Tip: You can also use this method to get traffic to something other than shortened links, like a website or article. However, you might as well do both!

Is Paid Link Shortening Really a Good Method to Monetize my Blog?

When it comes to making money with your blog, you might think that paid link shortening is not even close to comparable with CPA methods, Adsense, and affiliate programs... and you'd be right. However, it is an excellent supplement to your income and can be hugely beneficial if used correctly.

Full-page scripts and using an API are out of the question for a blog you expect to keep its readers. Nobody will subscribe to your blog if all of the links lead to an advertisement. For that reason, you will only want to use manually shortened links to external websites only!

  • Encourage visitors to stay on your website.
  • Allow your website to run as smoothly as possible.
  • Still allows you to earn revenue from link shorteners.
So how should paid link shorteners be used on my blog?

Don't go willy-nilly shortening every link you come across on your blog; have a purpose for each shortened link. Additionally, only use them on things not necessary for the functioning of your blog. Also, ALWAYS have the link set to open in a new window by default rather than on the same tab. For instance, if I want to link to a hilarious picture of a kitty-cat, that would be a great place to place a shortened link.